Why Physio Flow Yoga?

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how flexible you are. Physio Flow Yoga is about learning to look after the body you’ve been given and helping to get the most from it. Claire teaches an accessible mix of physiotherapy and yoga and gets you to challenge your limits, both mentally and physically and to learn the strength of your breath.

Trust Claire's physio knowledge to analyse and correct your posture and muscle imbalances, to allow her classes to get you back from injury or prevent any injuries happening.

Claire is an experienced teacher who looks to improve:

  • posture
  • body awareness
  • flexibility
  • control
  • strength
  • enjoy movement

If you have never tried Yoga before, come along and give PhysioFlow Yoga a go. There are 3 classes a week to focus on your needs and level of experience; beginners, intermediates and Pregnancy PhysioFlow Yoga.

Come and have fun with movement and allow your Physio to Flow in Yoga.

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