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About me

I am a passionate Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (CSP), who has specialised in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy (POGP).

I am a Qualified Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor and takes 4 classes locally in Weybridge. I have worked with hundreds of patients on their road to recovery and understand this journey as I have been a patient myself after a bad skiing accident where I broke my back. Since being a patient myself, I realise the difficulties in rehabilitation and am passionate about getting everyone back to reach the goals that they want from their bodies.

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My Clients

From young to old, from men to women, from sporty to not, from pain to dysfunction; I love treating everybody. Please read my testimonials to find out more.

I am dedicated to reach each client's goals through my evidence-informed, integrated system model approach to assessment and treatment. I educate and empower my clients with knowledge and how to change and improve their body to help reach their goals. I provide each client with a detailed programme for them to use at home between their sessions or to continue independently to manage their problem. I provide an effective and educational assessment and treatment to you in a supportive, respectful and kind environment. I want you to share all your problems and goals so I can rehabilitate you in a way that suits your lifestyle. Each person should feel the improvements in an empowered, informative and fun way.

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"I really enjoyed yoga classes with Claire - they are calming and soothing. I felt really at peace, but at the same time also energised after every class. She always gave an option if a particular pose wasn't easy, as well as gave challenging variations for those who were up to trying something new/more difficult. I especially liked meditation part in the end of the class - a great way to relax!"

Vera Karpushenko


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