I always wanted to be a Physiotherapist due to my love of human movement from years of many different sports growing up, a love for the sciences and my caring nature to help people. I graduated from Nottingham University Physiotherapy School in 2004 (BSc Hons) and started work in the NHS gaining valuable experience in all areas of Physiotherapy. I then headed to work as a Physiotherapist in Val D'Isere for 2 ski seasons. New Zealand then followed where I arrived into Christchurch just before the Earthquake which was an unforgettable experience personally and professionally: It was an incredible gift to have the opportunity  to treat and support many of the victims at the most devastating time of their lives. 

Once arriving back to London in 2012 for the London Olympics,  I completed a course that revolutionised my practice The Integrated System’s Model Series of courses (ISM) which has moulded my practice.  It helps me to solve any patient's puzzle of pain or dysfunction and allows me to get to the heart of their problem. I then completed  Yoga Teacher Training which complemented the ISM assessment and Physio Flow Yoga started in Weybridge to aid my patients in their rehabilitation. 

With years of musculo-skeletal experience, I gained deeper understanding of the pelvic floor and core musculature and the role they can play in many conditions. I trained extensively to specialise into  Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological (previously Women's Health) Physiotherapy treating lots of different conditions. In 2018, I experienced pregnancy and labour and so understand how hard it is to get the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles back to a good strength and so love to assess and treat Post-natal ladies (Mummy MOT's) and teach Mum and Baby Yoga to get women exercising safely post natally. 

I love to keep fit, teaching 4 yoga classes weekly, cycling, swimming and running. I have completed a marathon, Triathlons, Surrey 100, cycled from John O'Groats to Lands End and this helps me understand how important it is for all my clients to get back to the sport they love. 

B.Sc. (Hons) Physiotherapy: Univeristy of Nottingham (2004)
Post-graduate education:
ISM Series Update - 2019
Advanced Pelvic Floor Course POGP 2018
Mummy MOT 2017
lower bowel dysfunction course POGP 2017
New Perspectives from The Integrated Systems Model for Women’s Health with Diane Lee 2017
The Abdominal Wall after Pregnancy and Diastatsis Rectus Abdomens: Should we open or close the gap? Diane Lee 2016

Advanced Pelvic Floor Course Maeve Whelen 2015
Physiotherapy assessment and management of female urinary dysfunction POGP 2014
Physio assessment & management of pregnancy-related musculoskeletal conditions POGP 2014
Understanding pelvic organ prolapse POGP 2014
Discover Physio Series, Integrated Systems Model, Linda-Joy Lee and Diane Lee 2013
Foundation Acupuncture Course 2013
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training - 200hr 2013
APPI Pilates courses- matwork 1-4 2013
* Myofascial Release, John Annan, 2012
* Mulligan Concept Course - Mobilisations with Movement, Part A (2011) New Zealand
* Diploma Course in Remedial and Sports Massage (2008). Scottish Massage School.

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