Mummy MOT

Pregnancy and labour (vaginal or C-section) is a major physical event for your body to go through, so it makes sense to have a Physiotherapy service dedicated to Mothers, we really deserve it!

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The Mummy MOT postnatal check is 'a must have' for any mum who has been pregnant, no matter when that was. Pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have been stretched/strained and delivery is challenging, so a postnatal check is a good way to see where your body is at before moving forward.

The Mummy MOT system combines the practical principles of Physiotherapy assessment and the principles of functional retraining. In other words, it’s a thorough hands-on postnatal check with results and strategies to help you take that next step on your ‘back to you’ journey.
It involves getting a history of your pregnancy and delivery followed by a physical check of:

  • Alignment and Posture
  • Breathing pattern
  • Tummy gap ; Diastatsis Rectus Abdominus (Muscular stretch and separation)
  • C-scar check
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Core Muscle activation
  • *Please note that assessing the pelvic floor will usually involve an internal vaginal exam which is the most accurate way of checking, but
  • only with your full consent and comfort.
  • Finally you will be given;
  • Treatment of any area that is causing problems; using hands on treatment, acupuncture, taping or re-education about how to perform
  • the exercises or activity optimally.
  • A bespoke postnatal recovery programme that suits your day-to-day needs and personal goals.
  • A safe and effective initial exercise programme to address any issues identified in the physical check.
  • Advice on posture, lifting, squatting, walking, running and use of buggy/sling.
  • Advice on how to progress your fitness in a safe and effective way.

The Mummy MOT check will also screen for common postnatal conditions such as:

  • abdominal diastasis
  • pelvic floor dysfunction
  • urinary leaks
  • tight or painful scars
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • pelvic pain

Please book at;
The Body Mechanics Clinic,
189 Sidney Road,
Walton on Thames,
KT12 3SD
01932 253500

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