I came to see Claire as i was suffering with back, coccyx and shoulder pain, as well as occasional involuntary incontinence, after giving birth to 3 children. I felt a Women’s health physio was who i needed and came to see Claire. Right from the start, Claire made me feel very comfortable, with her polite and friendly manner.
Claire diagnosed things about me which none of the consultants or other health professionals i had seen had ever identified. 
I had the bad habit of jutting out my left shoulder so it was not in alignment with my right, therefore the muscles around it were very tight and I was lopsided. I was shocked to hear this but the exercises Claire gave me are making such a difference. 
When i sat down i would naturally bring both knees together so my hips bowed out, resulting in pain around that area also. I never realised that i did this and Claire made me aware of the damage i was causing my knees without realising.
I had been having a lot of headaches, especially in recent months but I didn’t think that this was a Women’s health issue and didn’t expect Claire to help me with that. Seeing my subtle lopsidedness (which no health professional or anyone else had ever pointed out before) Claire straight away identified that i had been having headaches. As my lopsidedness is decreasing, my headaches are also reducing. 
Claire also identified that i had been doing my pelvic floor exercises incorrectly and after having 3 children, my pelvic muscle are very weak, resulting in pain and the occasional involuntary incontinence. I am more aware now of how to do them correctly and hope my symptoms will start decreasing. 
Claire correctly identified the root cause of my pain, made me conscious of my bad habits and gave me exercises to correct them. Claire also referred me to a colleague of hers, who worked with Claire to help me. I have come a long way since i began to see Claire and have seen a reduction in my symptoms and pain. I look forward to future sessions with Claire, as i gradually get my body back and become pain-free. Thank you Claire. 
"I came to see Claire through a referral from a doctor to help me with my incontinence issues and training my pelvic floor muscles which were weak and causing me issues daily. She was excellent in explaining how the pelvic floor muscles work and taught me how to use the muscles properly. She game me plenty of different types of exercises but at the same time was realistic about how many of these I would be expected to do. I saw her every two weeks for about 12 weeks and during that time I my incontinence issues hugely improved and my pelvic floor strengthening. Today I do not feel that I have a problem any more. She also made me stick with doing my pelvic floor exercises even after I had stopped seeing her. Claire is very personable and likeable. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable even during for example physical examinations which normally could have felt a bit awkward. I have recommended Claire to my friends that have similar problems and highly recommend her to anyone else as well" 
“I am truly grateful to Claire who has helped me recover from rotator cuff pain and establish a much improved posture. As a person who practices yoga it has been so beneficial having a person who is a physio and a yoga instructor as I can relate to the exercises provided. Claire explains the cause and effect in lay mans terms and doesn’t give up in finding a solution to the pain. She is passionate about her job and in so doing provides great motivation. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Claire”
Colleen Bohm


"I have attended both Claire’s pregnancy yoga classes and been a physio patient, and through both she has made a huge difference to my wellbeing and comfort while pregnant! Having done pregnancy yoga elsewhere, her class is by far the best mix of really effective stretches, education and relaxation I have come across. In physio, her holistic approach to assessing an issue helped me realise and correct a long established alignment issue that wasn’t directly caused by pregnancy. She is very approachable and has a great way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I recommend her to all my pregnant friends and those in need of physio!
Caroline Edmondson


“I discovered Claire during late pregnancy and am so glad I did. As a personal trainer, I was able to stay active and healthy throughout my pregnancy, but towards the end I began to suffer with lower back pain. I found Claire after searching for a local pregnancy yoga class in Walton on Thames and went to her weekly sessions throughout all of my third trimester. Her classes were relaxing but also a nice challenge so I always left feeling calm but strong. Claire was so knowledgeable and helpful when it came to offering tips for reducing my back pain - and also helped with ways to stay comfortable as I went nearly two weeks overdue! I then visited Claire after I had my son for a post-natal women’s health physio assessment and she gave me some easy and effective ways to rebuild my core and pelvic floor strength. Claire’s not only a great yoga teacher but an amazing resource for everything relating to women’s health. Highly recommend!"

Taylor Anderson


"I really enjoyed yoga classes with Claire - they are calming and soothing. I felt really at peace, but at the same time also energised after every class. She always gave an option if a particular pose wasn't easy, as well as gave challenging variations for those who were up to trying something new/more difficult. I especially liked meditation part in the end of the class - a great way to relax! ." 

Vera Karpushenko


“I loved pregnancy yoga. This was my second pregnancy and knowing what was ahead this time, with labour and the fourth trimester, I knew I wanted to be as strong as possible. The classes helped me to be much more aware of my body, improved my posture and gave me some much needed ‘me’ time before the baby arrived. The focus on pelvic floor was invaluable. I would recommend these classes without hesitation. I also visited you for a Mummy MOT after Conor was born. You gave me some specific exercises to improve my pelvic issues and thanks to those exercises, your advice and the pelvic band you recommended, I felt comfortable and ready, at 12 weeks PP to get back into exercise. It also gave me peace of mind that I was approaching activity in a way that was right for my post-labour body.”

Hannah Pinsent


"I absolutely love your classes! I never thought I would enjoy yoga, but oh my goodness I wish I had met you years ago! Besides getting a really good stretch every Monday evening, I take away the themed message and find I apply it all week long while driving, sitting at my desk or out running/walking. Such a great concept...I really do Move Better, Breathe Better, and am Better as a result of your classes."

Jill Terry


I've been attending Claire's pregnancy yoga and have really enjoyed her classes. Claire is knowledgeable about my needs and the yoga has been keeping me fitter and making me aware of my changing body. I always feel better after every session and hope to keep this up after my baby is born.

Louise Ray


I cannot thank Claire enough for her help with my diastasic recti treatment so far. I went to Claire having developed a split in my stomach muscles after the birth of my children. The result was a bulging tummy that made me look around five months pregnant despite a good diet and exercise. 
I was feeling extremely low and insecure. Prior to having children I had been a keen runner, as a result was always fit and body confident. Before I met Claire I felt that there was no way I would ever get my body back to normal and feel like 'me' again. Six months on and I am back to my pre pregnancy clothes size, running, cycling and feeling strong and happy!
Kirsty Finch
My physio sessions with Claire have been fantastic - she was quickly able to identity the causes of my issues and suggest exercises that made a significant different in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has suffered with SPD in pregnancy and in the postpartum period.’


Claire has been a godsend to me in both my pregnancies, helping me with two separate issues and giving me advice on management and how to prevent progression of the issue. Claire is incredibly thorough, knowledgable and professional and really takes her time to explain everything, without you ever feeling rushed. Claire clearly has a true passion for her work and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone 
Jennifer Blenkinsop
I went to see Claire at the body mechanics 3 weeks postpartum. 
I was feeling overwhelmed after my unplanned c-section and really wanted to see a physio who specialised in women’s health who could help me on the road to recovery and strength after birth. Claire is extremely professional but also very compassionate and encouraged me to be kind to my body and take things slowly. She did a full body check on me and provided exercises to improve my posture and strengthen my core and pelvic floor which is so important post birth !
I also took up her mum and baby yoga classes after seeing her as my physio even though I’d never been in to yoga prior to having a baby! Her classes helped me improve my strength and was a great way to spend time with other mums going through the same things.Overall I very highly recommend Claire as a physiotherapist and yoga teacher.  Her passion for helping people is clear when working with her.

Morgain Gendler

“I made my first appointment with Claire a few months after the birth of my second baby. I’d been looked after by the NHS women’s health physio team as I had prolapses – the care was good but a few months on, I’d stopped doing pelvic floor exercises and the problem suddenly got worse. I was extremely upset and anxious – and with two small children to look after, travelling to the hospital for further treatment was going to be stressful and difficult to arrange'

“I needed to find care locally where I could make appointments in the evening. Claire and Bodymechanics were recommended by mums on a local Facebook group and I’ll be forever grateful that I made the appointment! From the get-go, Claire was calm, kind and positive, helping me to see the issues I faced as normal and improvable. While I’d been focussing on the pelvic floor, she immediately linked the problems I’d had to a long-standing hip issue, something that hadn’t even occurred to me but seemed completely obvious when she said it!

“From then on, I was able to concentrate on getting stronger rather than panicking that there was something wrong with me. I felt Claire was on my side and I wasn’t dealing with things on my own anymore. I was able to see progress and feel proud of myself.

“My pelvic floor has improved so much and with Claire’s advice ringing in my ears, I’ve managed to make the exercises part of my daily life. We’ve also worked on my hip issue and I’ve been able to go to her PhysioFlow yoga class – I’d always dreamed of doing yoga but had never been able to find a teacher who’d take me. It’s been a massive help. I’m now preparing for hip surgery with Claire’s guidance and am so much more aware of my body as a whole, how everything is linked together and how to look after it.

“Now I appreciate how pregnancy and childbirth affects cores and pelvic floors, stance and gait, shoulders, backs and the rest, I’m completely evangelical about women’s health physio. Women shouldn’t suffer in silence. The issues I faced after birth really knocked my confidence and asking for help was daunting, but I’m so glad I did. Claire helped me take control, smile, and feel like myself again. Thank you!”



"Claire treated my son throughout the recovery of his two knee surgeries during almost two years. During that time, she not only showed him most effective exercises to do as well as working on his posture in order to speed up his recovery. 

During that time Claire also treated and resolved my back problems arising from different posture issues.  She is very good at detecting the primary cause of the problem through the holistic assessment of the person and her experience.  She does not focus on the pain one brings to her, but also, she tries to find the hidden cause of it.

Claire is an excellent physiotherapist and it is always a pleasure to meet her because of her caring and welcoming personality."

Ana & Federico

"Great classes concentrating on specific areas each week, with the whole body covered over the course of a couple of months. Claire applies her physiotherapy knowledge and explains how and why the movements are good for our bodies. She encourages us to try more challenging moves or just to stay with what feels comfortable on the day. The mirrors in the studio help us check positioning which is great. I’ve been attending the beginner classes for two years now and have definitely improved my strength, balance and flexibility during that time."

Angela Williams


"I've been going to Claire's yoga class for beginners for a couple of years now. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and feel very relaxed afterwards, although my body tells me that I've worked hard. Claire brings her knowledge of physiotherapy to the classes which helps us all to better understand the reasons why we are learning certain yoga poses and how they can benefit us. The most important thing for me is Claire's teaching style - uncomplicated, encouraging and fun. Highly recommended!"

Anne Bell


"I started attending pregnancy yoga regularly shortly after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I found that attending put me in the right mindset to move better eat better and focus on my growing baby. I have just given birth to a healthy baby girl & in the first week of motherhood I have been grateful for all the advice Claire gave in classes regarding feeding posture & pelvic floor. It is nice to have some tips for life after labour and how best to care for yourself & baby. I would certainly recommend physio flow to any expectant mums." 

Faye Cheetham


"Through her mum and baby class, Claire has helped me to regain confidence in working my body since giving birth. Her approach is one of gentle challenge and, over the months, this has helped me to build up the strength I had lost to be able to get back to doing the activities that I love and managing my baby’s ever-increasing weight safely! I can’t recommend it enough!"

Clare Buckham


"I have been attending Claire’s yoga sessions now for a couple of years and the stretches and poses really help me manage my back and shoulder pain. The classes have a good balance of strenuous poses, balance poses and relaxation poses that give a good, all round approach to physical and mental health and well-being. I was completely new to yoga and have gradually been able to build up what I can do, helped by Claire giving options throughout the class to try depending on what your body feels like that day."

Maggie Swain

I regularly attended Claire’s pregnancy yoga class during my 1st pregnancy and I strongly believe this helped me to have a natural, uncomplicated water-birth. 
Now in my second pregnancy, I look forward so much to my weekly yoga class. It’s the only hour in the week that I have to myself and to properly connect with my baby. As well as now feeling relaxed and sleeping well on a Monday night, I also find my body feels less strained and I really think about my posture. Physio Flow Yoga is definitely as much about the mind as it is about the body and Claire creates a warm, friendly atmosphere with plenty of physio pre and post-natal advice thrown in the mix! 
Georgie Finnan
I regularly attended Claire’s pregnancy yoga class during my 1st pregnancy and I strongly believe this helped me to have a natural, uncomplicated water-birth. 
Now in my second pregnancy, I look forward so much to my weekly yoga class. It’s the only hour in the week that I have to myself and to properly connect with my baby. As well as now feeling relaxed and sleeping well on a Monday night, I also find my body feels less strained and I really think about my posture. Physio Flow Yoga is definitely as much about the mind as it is about the body and Claire creates a warm, friendly atmosphere with plenty of physio pre and post-natal advice thrown in the mix! 
Georgie Tongue
“I’m a keen long distance triathlete and visited Claire for the first time when I was around 25 weeks pregnant, and have been back to see her a number of times since giving birth. Claire has really helped me understand how important it is to ensure my pelvic floor and core are strong enough to withstand a high training load, and she has worked with me on specific core strengthening exercises. I feel like I’m in very safe hands with Claire and have also been attending her yoga classes. Unlike other yoga classes I’ve been to, Claire teaches based on her knowledge of women’s health and this is so important after pregnancy and birth. They’re fun too!” 
Chrissy Teague
During my first appointment with Claire at The Body Mechanics clinic I was made to feel completely at ease, I was quickly reassured that I was one of many and that my situation could be remedied. Exactly what I needed to hear as at the time I felt quite low, and because of my situation, lacked confidence. Now a few months later, after following Claire’s advice and treatment plan not only am I able to go through most nights without having to pay a visit, but I am also not afraid to go out for any period of time or visit anywhere new in fear of the lack of public facilities. Thank you Claire for restoring my confidence and giving me my life back!’
I came to see Claire after being referred by a hospital consultant. I had a prolapse which needed surgery however it was suggested I have some Pelvic floor Physio before. I was very unsure when I first saw Claire, but she actually showed me how to do the exercises properly and told me about an app to remind me. I was in and out of the toilet most of the day in fear of leaking or worse. After one month of doing exercises regularly everything felt like it is held in place and I wasn't looking for toilets constantly. Claire has also along with working on my pelvic floor helped sore lower back pain and hip pain. I would definitely recommend people trying exercise and physio before any operation, it really does work

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