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BEGINNERS YOGA:      18:00 - 19:00

INTERMEDIATE YOGA   20.00 -21.00


£14 as drop in but £11 if you buy a 10 class pass (this pass does not need to be used on consecutive classes)


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I know that regular yoga practice builds strength and flexibility in your whole body, which is key to maintaining optimum movement and function and preventing injury.  Yoga also helps to strengthen the mind / body connection. My classes teach you more about your body with weekly themes highlighting different muscles and common areas of pain in your body. My classes also encourages you to still the mind, something all of us need on a Monday evening.

I focus on sound alignment and mindful movement with each theme. With excellent anatomical knowledge, many years of yoga experience and an adaptive, inclusive approach to my classes, I guide you through a well rounded yoga class.

If you have an injury, or want to get back to exercise following an injury, it may be useful to see me for a 1:1 session at The Body Mechanics Clinic ( for a Physio assessment to see if yoga is safe for you. If you are unsure, get in touch with me and I will happily help you in your rehabilitation

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how flexible you are Physio Flow Yoga is about learning to look after the body you’ve been given and helping to get the most from it. I teach an accessible mix of physiotherapy and yoga and get you to challenge your limits, both mentally and physically and to learn the strength of your breath.

I am an experienced teacher who looks to improve:

  • posture
  • body awareness
  • flexibility
  • control
  • strength
  • and allow you to enjoy movement pain free

If you have never tried Yoga before, come along and give Physio Flow Yoga a go. There are 4 classes a week to focus on your needs and level of experience; beginners, intermediates,  Pregnancy and Mum and Baby  Physio Flow Yoga. 



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